The Chacoan Peccary The Chacoan peccary looks like nothing you’ve seen before—a pig-like mammal with a long snout and a thick coat of bristly fur. While it was long thought to be extinct, a population was discovered in the 1970s in western Paraguay. Nonetheless, it remains on the brink of extinction due to habitat loss and invasive diseases. As of 2002, there were estimated to be 3,200 peccaries left, but that was prior to the massive deforestation of their habitat—the number is likely much lower now.

The Chinese Giant Salamander The Chinese giant salamander is one of only three remaining species of giant salamander in the world. Growing up to almost two meters long—60 percent of which is tail length—it’s no surprise it’s been referred to as a giant. Sadly, due to water pollution and their use as a delicacy in China, the giant salamander is in critical danger of extinction. While exact population estimates can not be made due to its extremely limited numbers, the giant salamander is listed as “extremely rare,” with “few surviving populations.” If you see one, consider yourself lucky.

The Mediterranean Monk Seal Hawaiian Monk Seal The monk seal—which gets its name from a uniform brown coat resembling a monk’s robes—was once revered by the ancient Greeks as a good omen. Now, however, they are the ones who could use some luck, as commercial hunting has left their population in dire straits, with only about 250 monk seals left worldwide. Fortunately, laws have recently been put in place to protect the monk seal, though until they take effect, they remain one of the world’s rarest—and cutest—creatures.

The Cebu Flowerpecker The Cebu Flowerpecker gets its name from the colorful plumage that males exhibit, which includes blue, red, yellow, and white. While thought to be extinct in 1990 due to the almost complete destruction of its habitat, the Flowerpecker was spotted again in 1992. Though its numbers remain extremely small—estimates put them between 60 and 70 members of the species overall—the Flowerpecker can still be searched for on the remote island of Cebu in the Philippines.