New Trends! This Beautiful Floral Nail Art Motif Inspiration As if it never fades, the trend of nail art motifs always changes to attract the attention of women. Because nail art is indeed the best complement for your appearance to look more leverage. Anything can be inspired as a nail art motif, from various animal motifs, animal skin motifs, cartoon character motifs, to the latest are very beautiful floral motifs. This one nail art trend is perfect for you women who are feminine and elegant. Let’s look at the floral nail art inspiration that is ready to decorate your beautiful nails! 1. Want to have an aesthetic look? You can try floral motifs painted on clear painted nails. 2. French-style with a touch of pink flowers and beautiful, classic Eiffel tower paintings. 3. For those of you who want to look minimalist, you can choose black or white as the base for nail color. Choose a flower motif only on one finger. 4. Looks like batik, this one floral motif is perfect for you to attend a formal event! 5. Nail style a la tumblr, choose a small rose motif with the base of modern silver glitter nails. 6. Suitable for going on vacation, you can choose a dynamic orange color with floral motifs and leaves. It’s summer vibes! 7. Look unique by choosing live flowers that are taped to your fingernails with pastel colored polish ready to perfect your appearance. Nail art with floral motifs are suitable for attending parties, going on vacation, or dating. Where do you like the floral motif Bela

5 Tricks to Make Your Appearance with Mini Dress More Beautiful Add beautiful and stylish!   Mini dress must be one of the fashion items that must be your must-have list. Why? besides being able to make your appearance more fashionable and trendy, this one dress is also suitable for all body shapes you know. Well, so that your style doesn’t look flat, here’s Popbela giving 5 tips that can make your appearance with a mini dress more fashionable. Read on well! 1. For a trendy casual style, you can match your mini dress with a vest. Chic! 2. Mix n match mini dress with leather jacket and tights guaranteed to make you look more edgy. 3. Don’t you use a slip dress that is too open? Use your favorite t-shirt in it. So cool! 4. For those of you who want to be different, try matching-matching mini dress with pants. So it’s more fashionable, right? 5. Additional simple accessories such as a belt will make your feminine style with a mini dress more attractive #beauty #fashion #beautiful

Without Surgery, These Tricks Covering Face Deficiencies Find out how   JENNIFER ALEXIS TANJUNG Having a face equipped with thick, sexy lips, big eyes, and a sharp nose may be the dream of everyone, especially women. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with such advantages. So, not infrequently people do various ways to get it, including surgery. Even though, without surgery, you can also cover up deficiencies in the face and make it look more perfect. How do you do it? Read on! 1. Small eyes For those of you who have small eyes, there are easy ways to make it look bigger. You can start with the use of black eyeliner. But remember, you can just apply it to the upper eyelid only. For the bottom, you can use white or silver eyeliner in the waterline section. This method is proven to make the eyes look bigger. Don’t forget to use a highlighter in the tearduct or the inside of the eye. Your eyes will not only look bigger but also more fresh. Yeay! 2. Chubby cheeks Chubby cheeks are adorable, but most women prefer thin cheeks that can make them look slimmer. Calm down, you don’t need to rush the operation to make your cheeks look thinner. You can use contouring techniques. It takes time to learn it, but once you master the technique, the thin cheeks like the model will be yours. 3. Wide nose Just like how to get tapered cheeks, you can also use the contouring technique to make your nose look more sharp. Choose a contour product that suits your skin type, you can use products in the form of cream or powder. Make a shadow by drawing two lines on the edge of the nose. Then, apply the highlighter on the bridge of the nose and blend using a sponge. If you want the tip of your nose to look more pointed, you can form the letter ‘v’ on the tip of your nose. 4. Thin lips Thick lips like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner do look sexy. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with lips like that. If you are the owner of thin lips and want to look sexy, you don’t need to do filler. You can outsmart it with the right makeup technique. The trick, apply foundation or concealer to the lips. Then, reinforce the shape of your brain by using a lip liner. Apply your favorite lipstick and add lip gloss to make your lips stand out more. Hopefully the article is useful