One of India’s leading crypto exchange WazirX launched their automated P2P platform in the Indonesian market two weeks ago. This is in line with their plans of international expansion with multiple countries on the horizon. “We are launching in Russia and Ukraine next”, said Nischal Shetty, WazirX’s founder/CEO, who is one of the most prominent crypto evangelists in India. WazirX operates on an automated P2P model, an innovation on the P2P model followed by traditional exchange sites like LocalBitcoins. Under this model, the order book is automated in a way that when the order is matched, payment details are exchanged automatically eliminating the need for offline contact and confirmation. “WazirX was the first to bring this innovation and that gives us a competitive edge over other P2P marketplaces that work more like a classifieds site rather than an exchange order book”, Nischal was quick to point out. WazirX plans to expand to many geographies this year. In spite of the bear market, WazirX has been reported to be doing well in the Indian as well as international markets. With a trading volume of $28 million in May 2019 and signup numbers in tens of thousands, the volume is reported to be 3 times that of the April volume and signups are twice their April signups. This expansion is a great sign of things to come. Last weekend, a report on government bill for jailing crypto holders created panic. But the industry seems unstoppable, and WazirX’s expansion plan is a signal for that. Earlier this year, WazirX had already opened doors for anyone from several countries to sign up and trade on their Crypto to Crypto platform. #WazirX #India #Indonesia

Super Peers are high volume traders on the USDT/INR peer to peer market. This will reduce number of transactions that traders have to do to deposit or withdraw high volumes of INR. Bitbns, one of India’s prominent crypto exchange launched a new feature on their platform on Friday. Any user depositing or withdrawing more than 500 USDT using their USDT-INR P2P platform can now become a “Super Peer”. USDT to INR is one of the several ways to deposit and withdraw INR on the exchange. “If you are looking to buy or sell large USDT volumes, then Super Peers Order Book is your best bet.” says the announcement from Bitbns. How Super Peer Orderbook Works! On the INR-USDT peer to peer market, users can now see two orderbooks, one for normal transactions and other one for Super Peers. Super Peers are part of both. A trader can choose a Super Peer from the orderbook in order to complete the transaction. Each Super Peer can choose their own username. The request will be instantly matched and then it works simply like the normal USDT-INR P2P transaction. #Bitbns #SuperPeers

The native token on OKEx OKB and the stable coin USDK launched recently by OKEx’s sister company OKLink and Prime Trust are listed on Bitfinex Exchange and set to begin trading on June 13. In an announcement earlier today, one of world’s largest exchange by adjusted volume OKEx’s native token OKB and stable coin USDK will launch on another prominent fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto exchange Bitfinex. Currently on Ethereum blockchain, the OKB token is expected to transition to the OKChain in July 2019. USDK, also an ERC-20 token is currently listed and traded on OKEx exchange. As per the latest post on Bitfinex, trading for OKB will be available against USD, USDt, ETH and BTC. Trading for USDK will be available against USD, USDt, ETH, BTC and EOS. In addition to the above, UNUS SED LEO (LEO), the native Bitfinex token, will launch trading on OKEx June 13th. #USDK #OKB #Okex # Bitfinex

Binance is the world’s largest exchange by adjusted volume, but it lacks some key features. A major one is not being able to place a Sell Order and a Stop Loss Order together. Tools like Koinfox are solving that issue with Bracket Orders. Koinfox platform, with Indian Crypto and Blockchain veterans like Ankitt Gaur, Opinder Preet, Andhul Dhir at helm are trying to solve the most pressing requirement of today’s crypto traders – Place orders and stop worrying about it. Using Koinfox to trade on Binance can help you minimise losses and maximise profits with bracket orders. And if you register on Koinfox now, you can even get $25 worth KFT points. #koinfox #Binance

Matic has taken the market by the storm by pumping over 500% in a few days. This project is the talk of the crypto town. While the market waits for Bitcoin to move in either direction or for major alt coins to pump, a few low Satoshi coins on Binance have started popping. Matic is one of the first and everyone on crypto Twitter to paid groups is abuzz of their gains from this token. Now that it has pumped, it is the time that the market seeks to know whether it is sound fundamentally to hold or should they take profit before it dumps. I got interested in the project but little research reveals how all the “influencers” on Twitter and Youtube are just predicting prices. I am generally wary of a project when I search about them and I see headlines like “this could make you a millionaire” or “this will be $4 at the end of the year”. As a trader and investor, would I buy it now? Or if you have a position already, would you Hodl or liquidate? #matic #Binance