Free distribution of cryptocurrency (Airdrop) from the AiYellow network AiYellow is a global network of AiYellow certified advertising agents and the business community. The company has been operating in the Yellow Pages market on the Internet since 2007. In its ecosystem, millions of participants around the world. Since the creation of the Internet Yellow Pages in 2007, the company launched 23 innovative online advertising products and a modern mobile phone application. International International Pages Business Research Reference Book with its own YTC token to be used in more than 1,400,000 organizations. Creating a YellowTradingCoin token (YTC) based on ERC-20, as well as the YellowCryptoSales program (YCS), will allow the company to interact with each other, as well as with millions of YTC users. AiYellow. All YellowCryptoSales packages include: Distinctive print “Crypto Friendly Company”. Market targeted advertising. Mass distribution. Money back system. Electronic wallet for YTC tokens. Translation system “Zero Cost”. The YellowCryptoSales program provides all global transactions and B2B and B2C transactions and combines online advertising with the incredible power of cryptocurrency, exchange technology and blockchain. YellowCryptoSales can only be purchased with YTC tokens. Using the YTC Marketplace, ecosystem members can buy and sell cryptocurrency products. YellowCryptoSales improved global acceptance of blockchain users by offering an intuitive and smooth integration of high-traffic e-commerce channel coupled with decentralized payments. Benefits without having to change buyer’s habits or understand the complexities of blockchain technologies. Award for participation in Airdrop: 40 YTC tokens for easy registration (without KYC verification); 10 YTC tokens for each invited referral. As soon as you sign up, AiYellow will immediately deposit 40 YTC tokens into your virtual e-wallet. Registration with Airdrop: Scource:… #airdrop #aiyellow #cryptocurrency #token #ico